Gujarati Film Industries

 How Affix Film Production House Wants To Take Gujarati Film Industry Ahead

To understand the journey of Affix Film Production House, we will know the history of Gujarti cinema that starts from as early as 1919 and the Gujarati movies are also getting more attention after 2010 as new technology and production houses emerge.The history of different eras in Gujarati cinema are as given below:

Era Years
Silent Film Era 1913–1931
Early Talkies 1932–1947
Post-Independence 1946–1970
Rise And Decline 1970–2000
Revival 2001–Present

Some of the notable awards won by the Dhollywood in the recent years include:

  • Wrong Side Raju (2016) won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Gujarati at the 64th National Awards.
  • Dhh (2017), a children’s Gujarati film won the award for Best Feature Film in Gujarati at the 65th National Awards.
  • Reva: A Journey Within (2018) was declared as the Best Feature Film in Gujarati at the 66th National Awards.
  • Hellaro (2019) won the 66th National Film Award for Best Feature Film. Hellaro was also featured at the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI). at Indian Panorama.

The Gujarati film industry is booming with a fresh wave of artists and scripts revolving around modern life in Gujarat. After notable movies like Be Yaar, Chello Divas, Reva, and the Gujju Bhai series, the Gujarati movie industry is fast becoming a major regional cinema hub in India. There are three major changes made by every reputed film production house:

  1. After the golden era of Gujarati cinema in the ’70s, a wave of neo-urban movies resonate with today’s youth and have sparked interest in regional movies.
  2. A lot of new faces have established themselves as Gujarati film industries actors, bringing fresh talent to support contemporary storytelling.
  3. The development for distribution and funding of regional films has developed significantly in the last 3-4 years.

Affix film production house is one of the emerging names in the industry that has capitalized upon Gujarat’s changing ecosystem. We are planning to come up with many projects that should appeal to diverse audiences with fresh scripts. As a Gujarati film production house, there are many challenges in front of us. For instance, an interview of Abhishek Jain is doing rounds on social media, where he discusses the fact that marketing music from Dhollywood films is challenged by both local television channels and radio stations. This is the same for distribution and marketing.

Thus we have focused on these challenges right from the beginning of our journey and our formal inception as Affix. As a result, we have nurtured one of the best core teams of line producers and seasoned professionals that have worked with various brands, agencies, and fine arts educational institutions. We have one mantra for taking the industry ahead: Stay fresh, relevant, and original.

Why You Should Join Professional Acting Classes

If acting is your hobby and your childhood dream, you should consider getting professional acting classes. You no longer need to go to Mumbai to get exposure to cinema. Joining film acting classes in Ahmedabad before you decide to enter the industry on a full-time basis will increase your confidence and help you find better contracts early.

Everybody talks about natural actors and talent, but you should remember that cinema is a big industry. To become an actor, you have to learn a lot of different qualities and skills. If you live in Gujarat, Affix Film Acting Classes would be the best place to learn various acting techniques from industry experts.

Our expert teachers will train you in scene study for both on and off-camera analysis. This skill is required equally for drama and films. They will also help you with cold reading, train you for vocals and movement; skills necessary to prepare quickly for auditions. Giving attention to minor details makes Affix the best acting class in Ahmedabad.

Our expert faculties will help you learn acting in depth with some of the best methods like the Meisner Technique. Also, we have a special course for our students to theory classes and practical assignments. We will also help you with Method Acting and Practical Aesthetics that are used by industry A-listers. Affix also offers dancing and modeling classes to students in Ahmedabad city.

But what makes us unique as acting and audition classes in Ahmedabad is that we have our own production house. You don’t need to wait for getting practical assignments as our team will help you get internships in ongoing projects of Affix and other production houses. We will provide you with placement assistance and networking opportunities to boost your career.

After completing the course at Affix Film Acting Classes you will have a better idea on how to appear for auditions, negotiations, and getting projects. The mentoring at Affix will help you curate a portfolio that will help you find relevant projects as well as we assist in finding projects through networking. The career opportunities include working as Junior artists in regional as well as national cinema, and ad films. You can also get roles for moedling projects and music videos which are emerging trends these days.

Theatre remains one of the first choices for new actors who want to establish themselves as refined talent and our placement teams will help you connect with different theatre groups within Gujarat. We also help our students to get roles in the Gujarati serials. Thus, the career opportunities are extremely bright after you complete your course at Affix Film Acting Classes.

Indian Cinema 2020: The Setbacks And The Opportunities

India produces the highest number of runs every year, but 2020 is a different story. The Hindi film industry based in Mumbai generates approximately 20% of the total revenue in the media and entertainment industries. In 2019 the total revenue for the Indian film industry was 191 billion dollars. Notably, the digital/OTT platforms accounted for 19 billion rupees worth of revenue.

However, 2020’s earnings are projected at 183 billion rupees. This year the OTT platforms are going to benefit from the pandemic. Still, another new trend that has caught the attention of the cinema industry is the rise of regional cinema. There are four major regional cinema industries in the South: Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. On the other hand, Bengali and Gujarati movies are also taking long strides. In this article, we are going to understand the setbacks and opportunities for Indian cinema in the year 2020.

Every year the Indian film industry produces 1000 movies, probably the highest in the world. This number is only going to increase as regional cinema is improving day by day as they continue to adopt new technologies and methods. Recent support from the government in preventing piracy has also helped filmmakers to be more confident with their projects. Independent filmmakers are seen as emerging players with their budgets growing steadily. OTT players like Netflix and Amazon Prime are investing heavily to acquire the exclusive rights over movies, and they are also partnering with web series producers. 1992 Scam, based on Harshad Mehta is the latest original web series that is getting wonderful reception.

The setbacks are equally big this year. The lockdown has stopped the shooting for almost six months, making it difficult for artists to make two ends meet. The recent controversy over narcotics and SSR death is also posing a major threat to the industry. Despite the challenges, Affix Film Production House finds that the Indian cinema is strong enough to make a comeback after 2020.